Where to eat great pizza

Unpack your suitcases. We are not going to Italy. We are going to three great restaurants in Belgrade

Friday 17th of August 2018

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In the Serbian capital, gastronomy is a really complex topic. No matter what diet is up to date, pizza is eternal. It is not just food, it is real love. If you insist on quality and quantity, you should locate in the Cuoco restaurant. Let a debut visit be marked by acquaintance with the pizza by the meter from a beech wood stove. Maybe the scales will show unwanted numbers but the palate will be happy. Just like you. It is not just food a la Italy. Authentic charm and relaxed atmosphere placed this place among the stars of the domestic offer with the label "must have".

When a broker does his job well and increases your wealth, you talk about him all the best. Nevertheless, we leave aside the financial transactions. The topic is a completely different broker. Inspired by its environment - banks, the Broker restaurant is also focused on multiplication. Exclusively of hedonism. Lucky people go to the banks only to deposit money on savings accounts. Everyone else goes for a loan. We will not continue about the costs, installments, overdraft. We insist on a perfect and completely modern place. It is not a moment for a question whether to take a loan in dinars or euros. Focus on more important thing, for example, pizza. The Broker can make even 14 different ones. It can also suggest a great wine... A real Novi Beograd's story in Italian style.

Unofficially, boat-based clubs, bars and restaurants are symbols of Belgrade. The Danube and Sava, because of their possibilities, attract people all over the year. Now the Danube has the advantage, and that is the part that belongs to Dorcol. When considering where to eat a good pizza in this part of the city, the Viva boat-based restaurant is an excellent answer. Throughout the decade of experience, this boat-based restaurant has welcomed many faithful guests. There are plenty of reasons for praise. Especially when it comes to pizza. The first "problem" is whether to order a pizza in Chicago, Standard or the Italian edition. The next one is whether to remain faithful to classics or to check out the novelties. The biggest "problem" is how to leave swinging on the Danube and the city energy. The only thing left for you is to come back every day and surprise yourself again.