Clubbing events on Friday

Someone is closing the garden of a club, someone is opening a new season. All in all, there will be good music all over the city

Tuesday 25th of September 2018

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Friday, 28th September. The first autumn weekend. The last Friday in September. Nightlife fans do not care too much about the calendar. Every season has its charms, and especially its parties. An interesting and diverse programme waits for club visitors at the start of the new weekend. We are going to have fun that should not be missed.

Ben Akiba club is opening winter season. From 22:00, music is played by Ura and MC Mina. Great Nadezda Dimitrijevic takes the stage from 02:00 and until 05:00, she will present the best rhythm for the entertainment at the beginning of the new season. Sleep well, because after Nadezda's set, "I do not want to go home" after party follows. John Belk, Nexie, Teo Trunk and Mancha will be playing authentic club sounds until noon.

Lovers of parties under the stars have little time for their favourite way of entertainment. Drugstore club is organizing the last party in the garden on Friday, 28th September from 23:00 to 06:00. The end of the summer at this address is reserved for the "Yes" party, and hosts of this concept and label, Stevie Whisper and Vitanov are performing. Great choice for saying goodbye to the summer season.

At another well-known address where there is first-class entertainment the winter clubbing begins. Industrija bar will start operating on Friday from 21:00. DJ Alex Tic, a synonym for the hits of the nineties and 2000's, has prepared a special selection of songs for the beginning of the new club edition. The most famous songs that raise mood and move hips will be heard from 22:00 to 03:00. Excellent bartenders will do their best to make you remember this night because of a great time.