Excellent club Saturday

Belgrade at night plus electronic music played by renowned local and foreign names equals top-notch repertoire to remember

Thursday 18th of April 2019

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Seth Troxler, supported by local DJs, is performing at Drugstore club on Saturday, 20th April. Besides the equipment he does not separate from, he always carries energy from Ibiza. And a new mix as well. So put off plans for a break from the night life. You will regret if you do not come to listen to top music. From 23:00 to 06:00, with a big star, the selected representatives of the Belgrade club scene will perform. It will be amazing with the music selection prepared by Gordan Paunovic, Akioki and Vlada Janjic.

If techno is not your favourite, let the greatest preparations for the Hype club start right away. This is a popular place with unbelievable energy and the same kind of cocktails and where there are a lot of young and beautiful people. High quality sound and lighting are there as well. A party on Saturdays begins a little bit before midnight. Feel free to be late, but stay until the end. World hits promise a great time.

Most clubs are open until 05:00. However, the party in Belgrade does not end at that time. Real clubbing is getting started then. Ben Akiba will host an excellent trio at the party "Happy People after party" in the early morning. Until 12:00, DJs Lale, Petar Cvetkovic and The Sleeper will be in charge of the mood. Relaxing fun in the morning is the perfect way to round off the weekend.