Saturday is the day for parties

Forget the latest hits. Let's dance to the best retro rhythm

Wednesday 5th of September 2018

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It seems that the second Saturday in September has arrived faster than ever. In spite of rules that night life must take a break and it is time to dedicate ourselves to the obligations that the autumn brings, the eighth of September is perfect for going out. It is not just a night out. On the same evening, two famous parties, created by the local DJs, are being organized putting the music from the beginning of the new century in the epicenter.

Stop number one. Barutana club. "2000 Late" party. DJs Eva and Matija are opening the fourth season of the copyright entertainment on 8th September from 22:00 to 04:00. The DJ Duo has gained popularity thanks to a recognizable feeling for rhythm and hits from the 2000's. Unexcelled, now evergreen songs from MTV production and carefully selected local scene are on the programme. There is no mistake with this party. Commercial dance creates positive atmosphere, evokes memories and, most importantly, brings the best time ever.

Stop number two. Hot Mess boat-based club. "Cherry on Top" party. DJs Ike and Lea are leading this party. Again a great flashback to the musical past. R'n'b and hip-hop from the 90's and the beginning of the new millennium in a quality mix with the latest beat are the identity card of this party that is scheduled for 8th September. While Lea and Ike dictate the rhythm, the hosts of the entertainment, the Cherry Girls Squad, are in charge of making every guest feel very well. Music is getting stronger at midnight and until 05:00, you have time to rule the dance floor.