What October 2018 brings

It is time for big city events

Monday 1st of October 2018

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October is rain. October knows how to flirt with warm sun rays. Everyday traffic jams are another symbol of October. Now it is clear that holidays are over. Well, let it be. This is the month of a truly quality programme of the city of Belgrade. Upcoming events must not be missed.

The first thing that comes to mind when speaking about October in Belgrade is the Book Fair. Traditionally at the Belgrade Fair, from 21st to 28th October, the 63rd International Belgrade Book Fair titled "Radost citanja" (The Joy of Reading) will be held. The special guest is the Kingdom of Morocco. Authentic spectacle of written words this year comes in a rich edition. One of the biggest events in this part of Europe, dedicated to culture and literature, provides the opportunity to renew the home library and discover new literal interests. You will have the opportunity to socialize with authors from the country and abroad and attend various promotions, discussions, lectures.

It is time for the 50th Bemus. Belgrade music festival begins on October 10th. Nigel Kennedy, the violin accompanied by a chamber ensemble, with the programme "From Bach to Gershwin" will open the edition of 2018 in Sava Center from 20:00. During the ten days, until 20th October, the audience will have the opportunity to enjoy perfect music at a total of nine concerts.

The Symphony Orchestra and Choir of Radio Television of Serbia, Edwin E.S. Kim, Natalija Mladenovic, Vadim Rudenko, Ramón Vargas, Scharoun Ensemble, Berlin Philharmonic Soloists, Brodsky Quartet, the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra and the choir of the Slovenian Philharmonic will perform at Kolarac. The concert of original folk music will be held on 19th October at 20:00 in the National Museum, and that Bemus is not reserved exclusively for stars, the concert of young artists - Viktor Radic and Milena Damnjanovic at City Hall on 11th October again from 20:00, shows that at this prestigious event there is room for all those who live for classical music, regardless of experience.

More good music. The 34th Belgrade Jazz Festival is organized from 25th to 29th October. Dom omladine (The Youth Center) and Kombank Hall are places where very good domestic and foreign jazz will be played. More than 20 soloists and bands take part in this year's jazz festival entitled "No Limits". Metropolis in the rhythm of great jazz.

If you want more city programmes, the event calendar reveals what to do every day. Exhibitions, organized walking tours, sports activities, selected plays, live shows, festivals, art and entertainment programme for all generations - everything is there. The whole Belgrade one-click away. Find your adventure and enjoy October.

P.S. Think about where to go for New Year's Eve 2019!