Celebration of the Serbian New Year's Eve 2019

Three completely different music genres on Sunday night for the best Orthodox New Year's party ever

Thursday 10th of January 2019

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Where to go out to celebrate the Serbian New Year's Eve, except under the open sky in front of the National Assembly in the rhythm of domestic music, has a very good answer. Fireworks at St. Sava Temple will be spectacular. However, complete good entertainment is guaranteed in the famous clubs.

On Sunday, 13th January, it is New Year's Eve according to the Julian calendar. The same evening, fans of the most popular sound - r'n'b music can expect fantastic entertainment at The Bank club. A modern oasis of world class clubbing will exclusively listen to the hits at the party "RnB Sunday Black and Yellow", which starts a few minutes before midnight and lasts until 05:00.

Gift band performs at the Radost club on the Serbian New Year's Eve. The Novi Sad's music quintet "has been" around the city clubs for a long time and brings a truly high quality sound. Always live. Always energetic. Never identical. Olivera Budosan, Jovan Matic, Zarko Dunic, Vladimir Perovic and Stanko Djukic will sing and play great songs from David Bowie, Coldplay, Nick Cave, The Killers, Iggy Pop and their favourite Depeche Mode from 22:00 until 03:00. Expect more than a gig. Get ready for an authentic performance with evergreen rock. Happiness - Radost!

Return to the electronic universe. Kc Grad on 13th January, for the welcome of the Serbian New Year 2019, is organizing a party with two local DJs and a special guest from Tel Aviv. Naduve brings an exotic, a bit mystical beat. Ideal for Belgrade winter. He composes and plays music all over the world, follows bands on tours. He boosts mood with first bar. To make this happen all night, support will be provided by Mkdsl and Ali Güney.