Saturday in clubs

There is no bad weekend for true clubbers. Especially not in Belgrade. Read carefully because amazing parties are coming

Thursday 24th of January 2019

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Neither snow nor exams are not arguments strong enough to make you stay at home on Saturdays. A favourite day among people who live for a night out begins with modern beat at a popular address. Freestyler Winter Stage is organizing "Get Low" party on Saturday 26th January from midnight until 05:00. The hosts of r'n'b, hip hop, rap and trap events, DJs Architect and Mike Ride with special guests will delight the audience again. The rules for entertainment are well-known - dress up for spectacular clubbing in Beton Hall.

Not all people are fans of this kind of rhythm. Many people love trance. Imago club has a really good party on Saturday. Famous DJ and producer from Romania, Atma together with domestic support - Raver, Anta, Pura and Johan - will perform from 23:00 to 10:00.

Andrei Oliver Brasovean is a veteran of the electro scene. Although he has focused on trance in recent years, he has shown that he is good at all genres long ago. Since 1991, when he started his career, he has been through various stages. From house and film music, via dance and pop, to rock, techno and trance. You will admit that not everyone can successfully create in completely different fields. He will present his skills in live performance.

Given that Saturday is not any day, the old club tradition insists on the best time. After you go to regular parties, go to the Mint club for a good after. From 04:00 to 10:00, the "Protokol After Hours" party will last, and DJs Phill and Dansmore will be in charge of good mood early in the morning. Predrag Matic and Rade Marinkovic from Majdanpek are well known to techno clubbers. They know what you want. That is exactly what you will get at the authentic after party.