Saturday Night Fever

Without compromise, this is a special music programme that will fit absolutely every clubber

Wednesday 8th of May 2019

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On Saturday, 11th May, from 23:00 to 09:00, the Imago Club is organizing the finals of the winter season. As always - with trance. A guest from London has the honour to close another club chapter. He is Avalon. Oh yes, a well-known DJ and producer with whom trance gets a completely different dimension. Domestic support - Kuzma, Daki, Kraljevic, Vlada, Milosh Reload and Vucko will keep him company at the DJ counter.

Who cannot get bored with popular party adventure, Saturday's party at the Hype Club is the right thing for them. Top-level, super-tasty cocktails and, more importantly, top-class music and great people in great mood are something that is regular here. Modern party starts around midnight and lasts until 05:00. For night birds in shape, five hours of partying is not enough. That is why a continuation at another address follows.

Club Mint is turning up music at the time when most clubs are turning it down. While others are turning on the lights, Mint then turns them off. In the usual time for packing DJ equipment, unpacking of the machinery starts here. Sunday early in the morning, from 04:00 to 10:00 is the time reserved for a party called "Protokol". It can freely be called three times techno. Sugar Lobby, Veljko Jovic and Nemanja Godjevac are executive editors of the music part. Perhaps you will not be in your best edition after a few hours of craziness, but the rhythm will therefore be top-notch. Even more than that.