48 hours in Belgrade

Without delaying, get closer with the capital of Serbia

Monday 18th of February 2019

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You already know what to do and what to see in Belgrade for 24 hours. When you have two days available, it is not enough again, but it is a far better option than a one-day stay. Get some rest and hurry to a great sightseeing tour.

Nature lovers, we have a special plan for you. All of you, as well as all of you who are not nature lovers, the first place you should get to know in detail is Kalemegdan. Why must everyone visit this part? Because here long history, perfectly decorated nature and unrealistic view of the city intertwine. The walls of the Belgrade Fortress hide much more. We will not reveal everything. Meet and experience your own way the most visited open-air zone in the whole city.

In the immediate vicinity of the center there is another jewel of nature. Ada Ciganlija is the Belgrade Sea, a favourite city destination for recreation and relaxation along the lake. You can enjoy the view from one of the many bars and restaurants at Ada or to explore in detail the magic of the attractive oasis.

History explorers will have a difficult task because there are plenty of museums in Belgrade. The most visited is the Nikola Tesla Museum in Vracar. The next in popularity is the Museum of the History of Yugoslavia in Dedinje. The still present influence of communism originates from Tito, and everything related to him is in this museum.

Belgrade is also famous for the rivers that merge here - the Sava and the Danube. If the old part of the city has won you over, head down to the newest area called Belgrade Waterfront or to Beton Hall where you can find famous catering facilities and even more famous - a fascinating sight. As you rest from walking with food and drink, do not look at your phone, but at the rivers and the connection of the new and old part of the city.

However, it would be great to reserve a part of your time for Belgrade on the other side. Novi Beograd used to be uninteresting area, featuring skyscrapers. In recent decades, it has been the most urbanized city municipality with a variety of contents. Business center, modern area, with wide boulevards, much more space than in the center, shopping centers, parks, Sava Quay and Usce. Right at the confluence of the two rivers there is a recently renovated park for various activities. In the same place is the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Let a completely special end of the unique adventure be in Zemun this time, more precisely at Zemun Quay. Numerous restaurants with a long tradition of existence are located along the Danube. From here you will have a view of the old part of the city and the Great War Island. And a live encounter with the charm of old times. If all of the above do not spend all the time at your disposal, go to the Millennium Tower (Gardos Tower). You will not make a mistake.