Under the brilliance of the stars

When everything is closed and everybody goes home, then it is time for an adventure called Belgrade at night. Live

Sunday 24th of February 2019

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Belgrade is a safe city and you can stroll wherever you want. Because choices are abundant, we often do not know where to go. It is not like that anymore. Night walk in Belgrade starts.

Our own four walls, how we like to call our home, often get bored. Especially in the middle of the night when we have the feeling that some DJ has turned off the complete sound of the city. Wandering, hanging around and breathing fresh air in the dark are understood only by those who love Belgrade. If you have never done it before, now is the time to sneak out of the house and start a night walk.

Until it really becomes a new city center, Belgrade Waterfront is perfect for wandering through the night. Whether you are a supporter of futuristic architecture or not, you must admit that the quay in this zone is perfect. The closeness to the river does not exist in every city. So take advantage of the benefits that are given to you, and if nothing else, observe the world around you, the fusion of changes and old habits.

Did he not call because he really could not call or did not really want it, would the director approve my project, when is the salary, what to buy, I start living differently from tomorrow, and other dilemmas are solved on Ada Ciganlija. An eight-kilometer-long path for walking around, cycling, rollerblading or the easiest - an electric scooter ride is a terrain where everything gets a meaning. Do not be surprised that literally every night there are people who, like you, enjoy under the open sky.

For those who do not leave the comfort zone, Knez Mihailova Street at night is an excellent choice. No crowd, no promoters from nearby restaurants and boutiques, no curious tourists in groups. The cosmopolitan spirit is always present. We do not even have to advise you to go down to Kalemegan if you have time. Experienced people know that on the walls of the Belgrade Fortress the night is a special story.

Block at day. Block at night. Blocks forever. Citizens of Novi Beograd do not give up this motto. The Sava Quay is simply respected. Everyone who grew up here, made the first steps, walked with the first love and spent the nights at the boat-based clubs comes right here when he feels the need for peace and quiet. It is difficult to describe why, but this quay is not just nicely decorated natural zone but a real institution.

Citizens of Zemun have a relatively similar opinion about their Zemun Quay. They do not admit that it has lost a bit of popularity but they are proud because it is again theirs more than it used to be. The Danube is the right company for ordering thoughts and losing weight and, considering the decades of friendship, it is an excellent friend. It is always there and always ready to wait for new socializing.