Gardens in the center or boat-based bars

Where is better enjoyment of spring time?

Friday 5th of April 2019

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Everything is exactly the way it should be. The sun finally decided to really warm us. With Daylight Savings Time change, the day is longer. People do not hurry home anymore, they go to their favourite garden for a portion of vitamin D, a cup of coffee and a dose of great daytime entertainment.

The rich offer of catering facilities is not fair sometimes. It is almost impossible to choose just one garden for relaxing in the spring. Instead of thinking for a long time, read quickly so that you can spend as much time as possible during spring days.

The first dilemma is where to go out to. Gardens in the city and their strong competition - boat-based bars are on offer. There is abundance of them in Stari grad. Tourists and very busy people choose the city center. The more informed know that the spring idyll is the best in Dorcol. Vracar and its offer of bars with gardens follow it. Going there does not require a special organization because they are all by the way. Therefore the gardens in the city get the points.

Not every topic is for a crowded garden. You are not always in the mood for city noise. When these days come, look for refreshment in bars and restaurants near the river. And in this scenario there are several options. The charm of Zemun is best experienced along the Danube, along the entire Zemun Quay. The fusion of nature and modern boat-based bars is located on the Sava Quay. The latest of all, the Sava promenade has won over numerous audiences "overnight".

A getaway from the city is something that is often thought about. Slowly, put the suitcase and travel plan away until further notice. The adventure is closer than you think. Ada Huja is so good, and so neglected by the city population. It is near and has everything you can wish for. If it is not on your way and you do not have time to discover this oasis, always ready for relaxation is well known Ada Ciganlija. Wherever you are coming from, Ada is here. All roads lead to it.

There are excellent restaurants and bars on each of the above mentioned locations. It is enough that you have the will and right company for absorbing the Belgrade spring. Do not wait for others if they are busy. A book is more than a good partner for sunbathing and rest. Enjoy it as never before because spring in Belgrade in 2019 will not be repeated.