Belgrade Boat Carnival 2019

A great city event that will make everyone want to spend the day on the river

Sunday 18th of August 2019

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The jubilee 15th Belgrade Boat Carnival will take place on 31st August. The Sava Promenade will host entire families, city guests and boating enthusiasts. Carnival riders will cruise from Branko's Bridge to Gazela Bridge.

At 16:30, the carnival atmosphere begins. Only five minutes after the start, Leontina Vukomanovic, the "Carolija" choir and Sergej Cetkovic perform as representatives of the Children’s Belgrade Cultural Center on the main stage. Ceremonial notes will be played by the Police Orchestra for 15 minutes, followed by the Majorettes from 17:15.

The grand opening is scheduled for 17:45. The river vessels show starts at 18:00 and lasts until 19:30. The on-stage programme immediately continues with the performance of Theater 011 which will perform "Dirty Dance". At 20:00, there will be a big music concert which will be marked by fireworks at 21:00. The Best Decorated Boat Award will be given at 21:15. The return to the waves of music will follow already at 21:30. The sign for the end of the jubilee show is when the clock strikes 22:30.

Throughout the Belgrade Boat Carnival, children will have the opportunity to have a great time along the Sava Promenade. Various workshops will make boredom go away, and everything for a children's smile will be done by costume artists on stilts, magicians and animators. Representatives of the School of Naval Architecture and Ship Building will demonstrate how the boating knots are tied. The Museum of Illusions will set up its "Rotated Room," favourite for taking photos. A special interest will be drawn by the masquerade inspired by the one in Venice. Sellers of handmade souvenirs will make sure you never forget 31st August and Belgrade Boat Carnival.

The City of Belgrade and the Belgrade Tourist Organization are the organizers of the magnificent event. Selfless help in creating the perfect programme for all generations has been provided by numerous services and partners. Having fun on the Sava River is guaranteed. Do not miss big party in Belgrade.