Marina Abramovic - The Cleaner

A retrospective exhibition that makes Belgrade the art center of the entire continent

Thursday 29th of August 2019

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The Museum of Contemporary Art is organizing the first major retrospective exhibition of Marina Abramovic in this part of Europe from 21st September 2019 to 20th January 2020.

The Cleaner premiered in Sweden in 2017. The art cruise continued in Denmark, Norway, Germany, Italy and Poland. The last stop is Marina's hometown of Belgrade where the artist has not displayed her unique talent since 1975.

The exhibition is a presentation of Marina's five decades long career. From the first art works, through conceptual expression, solo performances and joint creation with an emotional partner to an opus that began in 1991 and continues today - The Cleaner is everything that Marina Abramovic has been organizing for the planet for 50 years.

More than 120 works are expected. Plus, during the exhibition, the author will present a public lecture and a "master class" for young artists. An artistic spectacle is unthinkable without its accompanying programme. For this purpose, films about Marina Abramovic, numerous lectures on the art of performing as well as adequate public guidance will be screened.

The exhibition is organized by the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade. The curator is Dejan Sretenovic. The Cleaner is coming. Get ready to be artistically fascinated by it like no one and nothing before.