Top 3 reasons for going out right away

One, two three and we are all going out. Here is why

Monday 25th of January 2021

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Winter is present only in the calendar. In real life, one moment is here and the other is gone. With or without snow, winter magic can be quite good fun and the best defense against everyday obligations. Leave the vicious circle of obligations and start dancing to the Belgrade winter rhythm.

The first reason to voluntarily evacuate from the house is fresh air. It is not exactly the cleanest like the one on Mount Everest but what can we do. Let your favourite armchair take care of itself while you walk. An extra advantage - there is no crowd almost anywhere so you can activate the thought filter as well.

Since the beginning of the new reality that put Corona to the forefront, there is not a single person who has not come closer with the fridge like never before. Now is the time to break that connection. Another reason to go outside is the ideal way to get away from the cold shelves that faithfully guard your favourite specialties. Bring headphones, turn on your playlist and walk anywhere.

You love your place to live and you do not see anything wrong with spending your free time the same way as always. Okay. You are not a fan of excessive snacking - congratulations. Go shopping! Shopping in Belgrade, especially in this period, is more than interesting. The excellent offer of locations for the purchase of everything is the third reason you will certainly not say no to.