Concert of Kiki Lesendric i Piloti

Kiki Lesendric i Piloti announced a concert at Tasmajdan

Saturday 27th of May 2017

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Pop-rock band "Piloti" gained its popularity in 1980s and 1990s. Band released 7 albums over that period. Zoran Kiki Lesendric, the founder and lead singer, recorder his first and only solo album in 2008. After that, the band reunited under the name "Kiki Lesendric i Piloti" and started a tour. A new album was waited until 2012. They are performing in front of Belgrade audience at renovated stadium Tasmajdan that used to be an iconic concert place of Belgrade, where all reputable local singers and bands performed, on 10th of June at 9 pm.

Ticket prices range from 600 RSD for floor, 800 RSD for grandstand and 900 RSD for fan pit.