Who is Rag'n'bone man

From drum and bass, blues and hip hop to the headliner of Exit festival

Monday 8th of May 2017

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Rory Charles Graham, known as Rag'n'bone man, was born in 1985 and he is an English singer and lyrics writer. His music history goes back to 2000 when he used to rap with drum and bass bends. Later, he joined a hip hop bend. On his father`s initiative, he started singing blues and he has been a blues performer for years.

However, there are three key points in his career that will have as a result his final success and world fame in the summer 2016. The first one was in 2011 when he signed a contract with hip hop label High Focus. Right after, he met a producer Mark Crew and began to collaborate with him. In 2013, he signed a publishing deal with Warner Chappel.

Single "Human", released on Columbia Records in July 2016, peaked at number one in the official charts in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium. Since then, in no time, the whole planet has found about Rag'n'bone man who is one of the headliners of Exit festival 2017.