Kolektiv Triii presents: Boston 168 live

A techno party that should not be missed

Wednesday 6th of December 2017

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Boston 168 and Kolektiv Triii perform at Drugstore on 9th December at 23:00. The Italian DJ duo and a great home ensemble promise a great time for many fans of real techno music. Guests from Italy will present themselves in the best light in their live set, while Black room will host young talents, members of the Belgrade collective - Gorgia, Ana Rs and Rope.

A quality unprescribed techno recommended by the "music pharmacy" Drugstore as a regular therapy will host the party until 06:00, and the KPTM club will take over the hospitality and organize the official afterparty which will last until 10:00 the next day, 10th December.

Boston 168 are Sergio Pace and Vincenzo Ferramosca. They come from Turin, a city in Italy that is famous for its strong underground scene. After several years of solo careers, they joined forces and started winning over global clubbing. They perform all over the world and are especially proud of frequent guest appearances in the iconic Berlin club "Berghain". Their musical focus is concentrated on psychedelic, acid and raw techno. Since 2010, they have been the owners of the "Old and Young" label which aims to popularize essential electronic music. They promote their songs on their live sets and bring a strong energy on the dance floor which the numerous audiences greatly accepted for a very short period of time.

Kolektiv Triii was established by the key actors of the Serbian electronic scene, Boza Podunavac, Mirko Lazarevic and Dusan Kacarevic. The inevitable names when it comes to the development of techno culture in Serbia are starting with a new era of quality parties and great music. Authentic representatives of the domestic underground scene have written pages of history on how techno evolved in Belgrade clubs. Thanks to their persistence, a large number of people have discovered this genre with them. They moved the boundaries of the familiar, discovered new genres, and almost all the clubs across the country were crowded at their performances. The great experience they have brings them power over the DJ deck to make an unforgettable time. As a techno association, they pay special attention to young talents, unknown DJs.