Popular in Belgrade: Caesar's salad

The world gastronomic hit rules the home field

Friday 2nd of February 2018

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It is known that the creator of this very popular meal is Cesare Cardini, the owner of one restaurant. The dish was created by chance. Namely, his friends came by without announcement and, in the absence of ingredients for a particular dish, he mixed the ingredients he had and thus created the now famous Caesar's salad. Quick-witted Cesare created a dish in front of his guests that they were delighted with. The original recipe includes the following ingredients: lettuce, croutons (bread cubes), garlic fried on olive oil, wine vinegar, freshly squeezed lemon juice, scrambled yolk, Worcestershire sauce and Parmesan cheese.

To date, this salad has undergone many changes. Thanks to skilled chefs across Belgrade, restaurants and bars offer a fantastic gastronomic art that is found on every menu under the name Caesar's salad instead of a simple combination of vegetables, spices, a little cheese and chicken meat. The combination of ingredients is the cat's whiskers. Nourishing enough, light and even more important - it does not take long to prepare. An ideal lunch option, a light dinner or a full meal for those who are focused on counting calories.

Where to eat Caesar's salad

1. Terminal gastro bar

The Temple of St. Sava is a building in Belgrade with the largest number of photos on social networks. Next to it, there is the Terminal gastro bar, a multi-catering cafe with excellent food and beverage offer. The interior and the overall feeling add a special effect. The big crowd at any moment is the best indicator that everything works pretty well here. A place that has created an extraordinary experience out of Caesar's salad. Special decoration, quality ingredients and excellent recommendation of the staff which drink to choose with the order have turned many guests into faithful fans of this meal.

2. Corso

Many people come to the Sava Quay because of this place. For a long time, you have enjoyed the view of the river from a beautiful ambiance and quality wine inebriated you. The right moment to enjoy the "light" bite. Caesar's salad Corso's way looks incredible. Extremely large portion of perfect appearance and even better taste. If you look around you, in addition to nice people and friendly staff, you will notice that most of the guests here enjoy the food.

3. Piazza dei Fiori

Top hedonism is guaranteed in places that insist on Italian cuisine. Cesare was born in Italy, settled in Los Angeles. Others say in Mexico. Whatever, the origin has influenced on the fact that this salad is considered an Italian specialty. Piazza dei Fiori has mixed tastes from Italy and hospitality from Serbia. To exactly the perfect extent, the Flower Square is convenient for everybody due to its location. It is necessary to increase appetite and magic can begin.

Cesare Cardini designed the salad in 1924, and for the first time it was on the menu of a restaurant in Los Angeles in 1946. Before the chicken found its place in the recipe, the anchovies used to be added. Salmon also. Every information is accompanied by gossip, even this nutritious sensation. Some sources say that Cesare did not even made the salad, but his brother Alessandro. We will probably never know the truth about the origin. This does not prevent us from eating the most popular meal in the world.