Top 3 books - spring 2018

What to read in park on the first sunshine

Saturday 14th of April 2018

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New season brings new energy with it. Everyone wanted the sun. Getting out of work for coffee in a sunny garden or instant cooking lunch at the weekends is common in this period. All for longer stays in the sun. When friends are occupied, a family is in its own mood, the book is always there. The only free and always clever company never turns its back. In line with spring innovations, the most recent editions are now being read.

1. Vodic kroz ljubavnu istoriju Beograda (A Guide to Love History of Belgrade) - Nenad Novak Stefanovic

If you need a motivation for walking, this book is the right one. Untold stories about the history of Belgrade, love affairs free from the superfluous "sticky" content - they loved and were happy for the rest of their lives, important information about the buildings we pass by every day are there from cover to cover. Spiced up with the mystery and a specific point, the content imposed itself as the "must have" accessory of each bag.

2. Never let me go - Kazuo Ishiguro

The Nobel Prize in literature winner in 2017 always has at least one popular title. This is not a new issue, but it is for every recommendation. The book has been screened and has had great reviews. Magazine "The Times" declared it the best novel in 2005. It also took the place on the list of the most important works in English in the period from 1923 to 2005. Ishiguro creates out of real life and quite ordinary people content that is translated into 40 languages. In this novel, the plot takes place in one boarding school, but topic are not grades and good conduct. A story that must be read.

3. Mademoiselle Chanel - C. W. Gortner

The icon of women's style, a brave rebellion against the imposed rules of the game and much more is the legendary Coco. Just in the season of new trends and styles, this book, besides being interesting for reading, encourages creative thinking. You will not get the answer to what to wear in this period, but if you read carefully, you will discover what lies in the life story of a true revolutionary woman. Heroine that left an indelible mark.