Impressive gastronomy near the river

Restaurants at the Beton Hall serve spectacle! Much more than anything you can wish for

Friday 20th of July 2018

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A day in Belgrade has "something" that is hard to find anywhere else on the map of the world. When the energy of the busiest streets in the city, along with the perfect edition of hedonism, moves into unique places near the river, the highest standard enjoyment begins. Spectacular food, quite different drinks and music are excellent at all times in three completely special restaurants. Hurry to the Beton Hall.

After working day or a walk around the city, it is time for a quality recovery. Not any kind. A place that brings back energy and brings joy to every moment is Cantina de Frida. Let's celebrate life is the motto of the restaurant, in which equally both the members of the more beautiful sex and fatal Balkans feel well. Guests from abroad absorb incredible view and atmosphere. Spontaneously step into the paradise on Earth and indulge in passion and love. Aromatic feast of flavours wins over forever. Do not wait for an alarm from your stomach to visit Frida. Ice cocktail is good enough reason to come.

Some people, some things and some food never get out of fashion. Famous Sakura belongs to the category of ever-present restaurants. The original Japanese gastronomic philosophy in the popular part of the city represents a quality, yet specific diet, which is not typical for this area. Thanks to chefs with recognized diplomas and highly trained staff, Japanese delicacies became favourite food. Get ready to be won over by Tempura, Sashimi and Sushi Selections. The oasis of peace, a wide range of wines, Japanese specialties and the magic begins. At this address there are so many things that gather numerous supporters of modern times.

A fantastic view of the river and the international ships that are nearby make you feel much more relaxed than in the center of the city. A great dose of exotic surely mends the mood. Cafe Lavash is a restaurant where the Balkans and Asia have perfectly merged. Known and foreign, tasty and even more delicious. Sentimental sevdalinka at the weekends, famous DJs on working days. Traditional comfort and ambiance of the distant Orient. Sounds surreal, but reality denies any doubt. If you have the need to relax completely, this place in the Beton Hall is waiting for you.