We present: Roisin Murphy

Authentic, eccentric, her own and a completely special art pop singer

Monday 13th of August 2018

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When she appeared on the British scene, Roisin Murphy instantly attracted attention not only with her appearance and voice, but also with the way she turned every performance into a small theater performance. With her then partner Mark Brydon she formed an electro-pop duo Moloko in 1994.

Their debut album "Do You Like My Tight Sweater?" was released the following year and contained elements of electronic dance music with trip hop and funk genres, but also with a wonderful dose of humor. A new studio edition titled "I Am Not a Doctor" followed, and the remix of the song "Sing It Back" by Boris Dlugosch launched them to the music top.

The new millennium brought incredible inspiration. The album "Things to Make and Do" will be remembered for hit "The Time Is Now". Then, the end of their love followed, and the last teamwork was presented in 2003. The "Statues" album is still up to date, and the legendary "Forever More" is often played on radio stations and clubs around the world.

Roisin Murphy started solo career. Her special approach to music and a different view of life came to the fore. So far she has released four albums - Ruby Blue, Overpowered, Hairless Toys and Take Her Up to Monto. She also made LP for the Italian market called "Mi Senti" and became a mom.

The last single "Plaything" clearly depicts her freedom and experience to create music ahead of her time. Two decades of existence on stage and work in production and directing are classifying her into prominent pop divas of modern times. The way from the blonde of a striking voice and special outfits to a respectable artist was neither easy nor quick. She says she got a little tired because she does almost everything related to work by herself. The audience did not. Wherever she appears, she causes admiration.