Bars for autumn

The season of relaxing at famous places has begun. Take the best seat now

Friday 28th of September 2018

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Back to the city. Still tanned, people talk about what they have discovered, who they have met and where they will go back for sure. There is no need to complain about one-digit temperatures. Everybody is very cold and nobody wants to work. Interesting topics are even better when people talk about them in popular bars. Places at the right location where creative workers are working are authentic urban oasis for socializing with people. There are no people here who cannot see beyond their displays and who only care if the bartender has a phone charger.

Real-time adventure with a live, tangible world is in Novi Beograd, more precisely on the Sava Quay. The magnificent boat-based bar, Corso has readily welcomed the autumn season. Welcome at the entrance already suggests that fun is guaranteed. Innovations in the menu of drinks and menu suggest that autumn is actually very fun and it is not just a transitional period between the beach and sledding. However, you can also sunbathe and throw snowballs on the quay but first and foremost visit Corso. Stop by for the morning coffee, organize a lunch or a cocktail evening with friends when a DJ plays the music. Here, even the most demanding guests are very pleased.

If free time in Novi Beograd for you means a relaxed winery, light music and fine snacks - go straight to Podrum Novi Wine Art. The wine you like the best you can buy and continue enjoying at home at the same address. The desire for wine is great, and the blocks are far away. No problem. An identical story exists in the city center. Podrum Wine Art exsists longer than the Novi Beograd's edition and is one of the first places where wine is the most important drink. Experience is constantly being upgraded. Like the wine collection. Do not worry if you do not understand the kinds of wine. The staff will choose for you better than you can immagine.

The "all in one place" trend created modern gastronomic bars. Fusion of food and drinks in a relaxed environment where no reservation is needed and it does not matter if you are adequately dresses is the most popular type of hospitality. There are a lot of such places in Belgrade. However, not all of them are the same. Endorfin absolutely understands the habits of fast life. Express service for enjoying visual and delicious magic at the slowest speed. If you come on Wednesdays, you will listen to jazz. Along with numerous craft beers and indeed a special menu, on Fridays and Saturdays DJs are in charge of the mood. Let's be honest, everybody needs endorphins boost. Here they really know what is needed for happiness and they are happy to convey the philosophy "Don't worry, be happy". Every day.