Where to go for a burger

An irresistible portion of meat

Friday 12th of October 2018

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The main food for the Mongols in the 12th century during the industrial revolution became a favourite meal for the working class. The proof that modern society is more exploring the past than it is creating innovations is the fact that the forerunner of the burger was consumed in the 4th century. At that time, the old Roman recipe meant minced beefsteak, which, together with spices, was inserted between two pieces of bread. It could be said that in ancient times people knew what good food was.

Traditionally, history is written by the victors. Or stronger ones. Today, burger is thought to have originated in America. The connection between Hamburg and hamburgers is more than obvious, but the times and transition of people from the Hamburg harbour, mainly to New York, led to confusion who was the first to made hamburgers, Germans or Americans. While there are still debates about the creation, in Belgrade people are enjoying this specialty.

In the Belgrade gastronomic vocabulary there is a big difference between hamburgers and burgers. Former is a thinner but wider portion of meat in a bun or somun (kind of bread) and is most often found in restaurants serving Serbian barbecue or fast food restaurants. In old recipes, the onion was necessarily added to the mass of meat. On the other hand, the burger is a result of the creativity of combining pure meat and cheese with various toppings. Visually appears to contain less meat, but using the same method - visual, you can clearly recognize the difference in aesthetics. For now, in the competition burger vs. hamburger score is 1:0.

Ingredients in burger are more or less known. A restaurant that eliminates monotony at the first bite is Toro Latin Gastrobar. An exotic place, where Latino aromas and high quality ingredients combine, has its own burger version. Excellent minced meat is accompanied by bacon, chili aioli and avocado. However, the whole concept brings a different feeling. There is no bad mood or boring flavours at this place. Only first-class food and great atmosphere. Modern, more modern - Toro.

Love for exploring the planet and learning gastronomic lessons have made it possible to open the restaurant Put oko sveta. Countless times they have rotated the globe and explored where it is good to eat, and everything learnt has been available in Novi Beograd since mid-2018. At this address, burger is made in as many as 5 options. The main chef definitely has very high criteria because what he calls a burger standard is far from usual. In every burger there is pure beef meat. Depending on which one you choose, with cheddar cheese, in a juicy bun, caramelized onions, quail eggs, homemade sauces and purely fresh vegetables have found their place. Do not bother to be indifferent to really special food and a comfortable, yet urban ambiance. But try to choose the top burger to your taste as soon as possible.