Clubs Belgrade: the New Year's Eve

A spectacle for welcoming 2019

Sunday 23rd of December 2018

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It is ridiculous to hide the fact that Belgrade offers the best nightlife in this part of Europe when the whole planet knows it. There is no bad weekend. It is like that all year long. This city does not need a special occasion for partying until the morning, and the party is always at its peak. More than a standard great night out is New Year's Eve 2019 in clubs.

For the craziest night, an extremely festive atmosphere, loud music and a great offer of drinks are always wanted. That is exactly what Mr Stefan Braun is offering. Energy, laughter, getting to know people, dancing on the dance floor and dancing on the bar counter. Mr Braun has everything. Plus, there are several options for booking. Everything according to your wishes. Music will be played by DJs who are the hosts of the club. There is no worry about musical choices either. It will be just as you like the most.

You want powerful beat. For many people, entertainment is exclusively quality electronic music. Other details are less important. You expect the DJ to knock you off your feet. The world-famous 20/44 boat-based club is organizing a New Year's Eve party with focus on a brilliant rhythm that will be taken care of by three DJs. Parisian Sacha Mambo is a specialist in mixing several genres. Mystic sounds, post punk, cosmic afro, dub/new beat and early vs. new wave are his favourites. He is definitively able to join not joinable. Trole and Vlada Russ will help him in a crazy music adventure.

New Year's Eve is the night you want to give to a live performance. Your mission is real live club performance among city audiences. The New BitefArtCafe and the Girls, Boys and Toys band are the winning combination. If your ears are fond of pop and house, do not waste time thinking. Better rest before the New Year's Eve or choose your outfit. Happy New Year with hits that everyone knows sounds like a fantastic idea.