Where to for the weekend

Where to go out to on Friday and Saturday

Tuesday 4th of December 2018

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Straight from Munich to KC Grad. Rainer Trüby is more than a DJ. Basic member of the musical association "Trueby Trio". An active participant of nightly events has been considered an exceptional entertainer for two decades. Music he creates and broadcasts cannot be rated as nothing but excellent. His assortment includes several completely different genres that together create a unique beat. Together with him, on 7th December, from 23:00 to 05:00, great Master Flow, Funk Technik Group and Somii will perform.

It has never been sweeter in Secer. "Sugar pop all night long" is a party that will be held on Friday starting at 23:00. The collection of world hits by Maggie Ray will last until 01:00, and then Sonja Sajzor is taking over. Dancing until 05:00 with Madonna, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj and many other music industry leaders is exactly what your hips want. Come on, start revising. And do not forget - dress up so you can dance all night long.

The adventure on Saturday on 20/44 boat-based club is called "Putnik" (The Traveller). Special guests of a special techno party is Soyoon. She is both techno and trance. Is is all about good music around her. She was born in Korea and she lives in France. Fusion of at first glance incompatible genres creates an authentic rhythm. She rarely comes to these parts and therefore her performance should not missed. She will not be alone while performing. Schwabe and Bagheera will play music together with her from 23:00 to 06:00.

If you do not like surprises and insist on the popular r'n'b sound, the "Cherry On Top" party is a happening for you. DOT club is the place where there will be great entertainment. DJs Ike and Lea are ready for a new party until morning. Saturday in a modern rhythm and in the city center is the real reason why you should not stay at home.