Where to go for good fun on Friday

Open air clubbing in the city rules

Tuesday 4th of September 2018

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The first school week. A few more days of holiday for students. Housewives occupied with preparing the winter. Only active members of the Belgrade club scene are in accordance with time. The last hot nights are used for going to parties under the open sky.

Festa na Adi (Party on Ada) is the official name of the birthday party of DJ Vlada Exelog. All people are invited to the celebration party, which is held at Ada Ciganlija on Friday, 7th September from 22:00 to 10:00. The Makis side, more precisely Pescara (sands) is the perfect place for twelve hours of excellent trance. The birthday boy has announced a great time and a lot of surprises, DJs Vucko, Kuzma, Kimo, Eddy and Kraljevic will help him.

Back to the center. KC Grad will host a DJ and producer from Paris on Friday, and he is Jeremy Underground. The seventh day of September, better say night, from 22:00 to 05:00 will be in the rhythm of house, disco, soul, jazz, funk and techno music. A young gentleman from France will be welcomed by DJs Brka, Nikola Vemic, Peppe and Akioki at the DJ counter. A great plan for having fun in the city center.

The party is on a boat! The 20/44 boat-based club will launch soul, the 80's funk, psychedelic rock, boogie and disco beat on 7th September from 23:00 to 06:00. A break from techno will be brought by the well-known DJ duo. Phillie P and Milos Vukovic will do their best with one goal - to make you remember this night for the best dance on the dance floor. You know what to do. Comfortable dance shoes, retro style and straight to Usce!