Apartments Belgrade: how to choose the best

It is easier than you think. Just follow the instructions and you will sleep exactly where you imagined

Friday 22nd of February 2019

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The matter of accommodation is the first and most important thing for every passenger. If you do not have a specific answer, any further plan is surplus. You need to pay the utmost attention to this part of travel organization. Still, you decide where your second home will be in Belgrade, and the whole adventure depends on it.

The first dilemma is whether to choose a hotel or apartment. Many travellers opt for a flat per day for many reasons. Privacy and certain freedom are just some of them. It seems that it is a bit harder to find the ideal apartment in Belgrade because of the variety of offers. Yet, it is not hard at all. Step by step and you arrive at the ideal address.

When you are a guest of the capital of Serbia for a short period of time, the apartments in the center are the best choice. You will keep abreast of all the events and you will not waste valuable time on transport. If you come from a big city, apartments in central zones are definitely for you. So, stick to the apartments in Stari grad. You will not make a mistake with the decision to book one of the apartments in Vracar because this part of the city has been a favourite among foreign visitors for decades.

Apartments in Novi Beograd are in high demand. Good location, modern design, numerous facilities and other features of the most modern part of the city are, according to the passenger assessment, attractive as the center itself. Decorated zone along the river, popular restaurants, shopping centers, playgrounds and parks galore are just some of the features of Novi Beograd.

It is no secret that many people come to the city for nightlife. If you are among them, choose apartments in Savski Venac. The most famous bars and clubs will be the closest to you ever. Job brings you to the capital of Serbia? Look for accommodation in business apartments without any dilemma. The guaranteed space for work in these apartments is imperative.

There are a lot of family suites throughout the city. Focused on peace and security, they will provide full enjoyment for all family members. Especially equipped with additional amenities will greatly ease the packing as well as stay with the youngest.

Luxury apartments are for travellers who do not care about money in order to experience first class hedonism. Absolutely every wish will be fulfilled at these addresses. Make sure to look at the offer of fashionable apartments because your second home in Belgrade might be hiding here. On the other hand, travellers who take care of their budget will find excellent accommodation in the category of economical apartments. Regardless of group of passengers you belong to, make sure to find exactly what you are looking for.

There are more and more guests to whom natural environment is the first on the wish list when it comes to choice of accommodation. Although it is a European metropolis, Belgrade can boast an amazing amount of green zones. One of these is Zvezdara Forest, and the apartments in Zvezdara are more and more in demand. In the city, still away from the city noise. The ideal combination. Apartments in Zemun are next on the list of passengers who do not want to be present 24/7 in the main part of the city. If you prefer nature to busy traffic or charming architecture to modern buildings, immediately book an apartment at this location.

A large number of guests come with pets. The time of separation from the best friends and mutual sadness has passed. Pet friendly apartments in Belgrade are equally happy to see every new pet coming as well as the owners. No one will mind if your dog is barking loudly or sleeping with you in bed.