Top 5 songs for April

Season is ruled by perfect tech house because it has amazing rhythm

Thursday 4th of April 2019

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Spring like spring. Unpredictable, unstoppable. You have just got rid of warm clothes, but the rain comes and ruins everything. Instead of thinking about the weather forecast, focus on the elixir that follows the good mood at any time. Yes, that magical spice that is never superfluous is top electronic music.

1. Jack Back - Put Your Phones Down

Definitely an educative name. Think about it, when was the last time you went to the club, and your phone was anywhere else and not in your hand? It is time to change. Let spring resolution number 1 be enjoying music, not live calls. The entertainment will be better than ever. Especially if you are listening to this hit.

2. Leandro Da Silva - Chicaboom

This song can only be described as perfect. From the beginning to the end. The sound that calls the summer and all its magic. Positive and powerful. It cannot be different when the author is amazing Leandro Da Silva.

3. Cassimm, Vanilla Ace - Get Loose

The first few seconds suggest that this is serious clubbing. This is one of the songs that will survive much longer than the spring euphoria. There is no way to resist it. Maybe you will succeed, but the hips will not for sure.

4. Dido - Give You Up (Mark Knight Remix)

Probably most people think it is so easy to choose a famous song, change its rhythm and you become famous overnight. If you are Mark Knight, then that is not a big deal. Considering that he is unique, focus on his new masterpiece and dance.

5. Diplo - Hold You Tight

Recently released, and is already among the most listened to songs. You will agree, deservedly. It will soon be in the set list of almost all DJs. Quickly absorb the top beat and you will win over every dance floor.

Plus: Dennis Cruz & Ian Ludvig - Black Bird

For the end, one great cooperation. Ideal for April rain. Or a romantic night. Sophisticated and very striking.