Great entertainment on Saturday

There is no break from partying. Music, music and a lot of music dictates what you will do on Saturday night

Thursday 11th of July 2019

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Both retro and modern. Both gentle and strong. The evening called "Sleparenje" will be anchored to the Slep boat-based club. Make sure you arrive by 23:00 because Marko Gangbanger is taking over the DJ counter. He decided to move your hips with great disco, house, rock and roll and pop hits. Dancing until morning is guaranteed. Smile on every face, too. It will be amazing!

Whoever likes r'n'b should appear on the Tag boat-based. "Candy Shop Party" is the name of a party that make people come primarily due to popular world music. From midnight to 05:00, DJ will play the latest songs. The whole concept is at the highest level. Guys, get ready to let beautiful and all dressed up girls distract your attention all night. Be gentlemen, but do not waste time. Because at this place time flies.

Barutana brings weekend spectacle. On Saturday, 13th July, from 23:00 to 06:00, there are not one, but two international clubbing stars. Guy J and Guy Mantzur. They were both born in Tel Aviv. None of them has the fear of mixing incompatible genres. Famous for top tech house, techno and progressive house sets that make each of their joint parties long remembered. They have been cooperating for a long time. Innovators, label owners, hosts of the most famous clubs in the world. They are many things, but above all, team players who will show how to make the club crowd have first-class fun. This is a party that will make many people come to town. Do not miss the performance of music artists of the 21st century.