Where to go out to on Saturday

Regular parties for top-notch fun

Wednesday 22nd of August 2018

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Shlep boat-based club is known for the connection of a very relaxed atmosphere and a great music programme. Saturday is reserved for "Shleparenje" party starting at 22:00. DJ Marko Grihovic, i.e. Marko Gangbanger is a guide through the night at the boat-based club on 25th August. In his style, he will play new and old songs for a great party. The right place when you want to have fun in a simple, domestic form.

Also at Usce but in the whole other mood. Hot Mess is a popular boat-based club for day and night entertainment. However, on Saturdays there is the most famous event. The "Cherry on Top" party is on the repertoire on 25th August from midnight. Everything is known - Ike and Lea are playing music. Hostesses, bartenders, and especially guests who love r'n'b are really top. In case you have not checked what is happening at this place, start preparing immediately. Dancing by the pool for a perfect crazy summer night.

Kalemegdan, the most beautiful park, tourist attraction. And it has a special club. BitefArtCafe Summer Stage is one of those places in the heart of Belgrade that bring a cosmopolitan feeling. Saturday, 25th August from 23:00 to 04:00 will go the way the "Betty Boom" band says. More precisely, sings. As powerful as it sounds, there is no doubt that the performance will be top-notch. Famous pop, house and disco hits will be on the repertoire. They play everything but the songs that have become boring. Put on the most comfortable shoes for dancing, invite the company for a top-notch fun and straight to Kalis.