Autumn beat

Sun-kissed tan, muscles, mini skirts. Everything mentioned is no longer in focus. Powerful rhythm is appreciated more than ever before

Saturday 12th of October 2019

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La la la songs will have to wait for next spring. A lot of new music will take turns until next hot summer. Autumn and monotony may have once been synonyms. This new one, autumn 2019 is everything but boring. Do not hesitate, indulge in a rhythm that breaks familiar rules. Right now is the time for the strongest music energy ever.

The first suggestion is actually a music lesson that is advisable to consume regularly. It is enough to write Carl Cox + Fatboy Slim. It is crystal clear that this is probably the best electronic spectacle for all the devices and all the senses. This year, the leaves will fall in perfect rhythm.

Autumn music is the ideal partner for every day. Waiting for the weekend to dance at a club is passé. Disco sound and amazing energy are just a click away.

Who cannot do without the summer vibes will enjoy the video below. Seventy-something minutes of Ibiza from a totally light collection will make the summer last longer. Great for every day without the sun. Perfect for long summer rains.