Great city events for the new week

Straight to the center of the impeccable city program. The repertoire is such that everyone will be satisfied

Sunday 28th of May 2023

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In the first place always and forever - art and culture. There are two excellent exhibitions on the program this week. One at the Belgrade Fortress, the other at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Interactive and classic. Both for straight A.

Leonardo da Vinci's Machines, an interactive exhibition that caused great enthusiasm throughout Europe is currently in Belgrade. More precisely, in the exhibition part of the Sahat tower on Kalemegdan. Every day from 11:00 to 19:00, except on Mondays, visitors have the unique opportunity to experience the legendary artist's inventions live. Even in the 15th century, Leonardo da Vinci was occupied with inventions such as helicopters, tanks and parachutes. The rich exhibition is accompanied by faithful replicas of his painting masterpieces: Mona Lisa, Salvator Mundi, The Last Supper and The Lady with an Ermine. For the first time in the capital, the big show will be hosted until the end of September.

The Museum of Contemporary Art is hosting the exhibition The City: A Place of Identity. Until 20th August, on the second and third levels of the museum you have the opportunity to explore the perfect artistic delicacy. Una Popovic, Svetlana Mitic, Misela Blanusa, Zaklina Ratkovic and Rajka Boskovic in the role of curators will bring closer the setting that is difficult to describe. Multi-layered message, personalized feeling and overall impression. Come and get to know what defines the city, in small, large, general terms. From family to architecture. Meaningful and very instructive.

A festival dedicated to cinematography from Spain is on. The 15th Spanish Meter will last until 8th June, where a total of 20 films will be broadcast. Locations for enjoying Latin productions are the Yugoslav Cinematheque and the Belgrade Cultural Center Hall. Part of the program is reserved for Novi Sad. This year's program consists of the most interesting film productions that move the soul and body with interesting and important stories.

The architecture festival in Belgrade called BINA in the Cultural Center of Belgrade lasts until 18th June. From its foundation in 2006 until today, the goal of this festival is to promote and encourage intercultural dialogue, transnational cooperation and mobility in the field of architecture. Specific perception includes the voice of everyone who wants to express their opinion, from prominent professionals and students to the youngest. The exchange of experience and thoughts will mark the Belgrade International Architecture Week 2023.