How to survive tropical days in Belgrade

Warm, warmer, Belgrade! The heat in the air is not easy to beat, but don't worry. Great cooling tips are coming

Sunday 20th of August 2023

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Although it did not seem like it at the end of June and the beginning of July, tropical days have reached our country. The streets in the capital have slowly become boiling hot and you can easily see people rushing to get to their destination as soon as possible just to get out of the sun. The changeable climate showed its temper this year as well, and although we thought that the temperature would not exceed 35 degrees, hot summer days still came.

During the summer, Belgrade almost turns into another city because many people decide to go on vacation, so it seems that there are fewer people than usual. This can best be seen if you take a walk in the city center where you will mostly see tourists who have come to our capital or if you take a bus ride where there are no crowds as they were in previous months. Summer and high temperatures simply do their thing, and most people try to overcome them in different ways. For example, there are many of them who, even in such temperatures, want to test their betting knowledge, so they are happy to visit online betting sites such as SuperbetSuperbet in order to check how well they know one of the leagues from the north of Europe that have already started their championships. Of course, there are those who like the tropical days and nights, but they are certainly in the minority compared to the majority of the capital's inhabitants, who certainly do not like the high temperatures too much.

One of the ways to "get through" the summer days of July and August if you stay in Belgrade is to go to one of the swimming pools and areas. There are a variety of them, from the smaller and more hidden ones to the more famous and large ones. Certainly one of the largest and most famous is Ada Ciganlija, which gathers a large number of swimmers every summer, as well as all those who want to be by the water. Of course, you need to prepare well for Ada, but also leave on time in order to take the best place in the shade, because it will not be pleasant even there in the sun. Ada Ciganlija offers a lot of content, so you will never be bored there, whether you go alone, with friends or family. If you get tired of the crowds on one side, you can always go to the other side of Ada and find peace there in one of the facilities well hidden from the main roads.

If you plan to spend most of your time in Belgrade, you can follow cultural events, which are plentiful even during the summer, especially when it comes to various museums and galleries. You will surely find something that will interest you, and almost all of these places are well air-conditioned, so you will not feel that it is over 30 degrees outside. On the other hand, you will have the opportunity to make up for what you missed during the year when you probably did not have much time to visit these institutions.

Summer in Belgrade can also be a good opportunity to see friends with whom you arranged to meet months ago but never managed to see. Belgrade offers a lot of nice places to have a coffee or a drink, and all of them are well chilled and designed so that you will feel more than comfortable. In the same way, you can invite one of your friends to nightlife because the temperature will already be lower then and you will certainly feel comfortable going out and walking around and having fun.

In case you are not a big fan of going out, you can always invite company over to your house. It can be an informal get-together, but you can also organize watching a good movie with a few friends in a space that will be air-conditioned. That way, you will not even have to go outside, and you will spend quality time, and you will not even feel the heat outside.

photography: Dimitrije Milenkovic