Muha bar


OPENS AT 08:00

The interior, inspired by the work of the founder of the artistic "Art Nouveau" movement - Alphonse Mucha, with a multitude of painting reproductions, illustrations and posters of this artist, makes the Muha Bar a specific experience for visitors. The bar has been gathering fans of jazz music since 2012. Music and art are still "just" basics. A perfect hospitality treatment without compromise is a philosophy that with each drink serves a true dose of pleasure.

In his works, Mr. Mucha aspired to combine art and industry. He wanted the artistic view of the world to live away from galleries and museums. To find its place in the home of the ordinary world. He was the most successful in making the young ladies' portraits. City bar Muha is, coincidence or not, a place where beautiful women and real ladies are coming to on a daily basis. With their presence, the unusually designed ambiance is coming to the fore. Perfect jazz and the same cup of coffee - a fusion that is never out of fashion.

A rich offer of beverages was not created by affordable prices in the procurement. Professional bartenders who have gained experience across the globe are in charge of the selection. They know best what is good. Thanks to their knowledge, there is no mistake in selection. Always in a good mood, hardworking waiters are there to help create your undisputed enjoyment.