Ten days until the Mikser Festival 2017

Mikser Festival, 9th editions, again in the silos

Tuesday 16th of May 2017

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The 9th edition of regional festival of creativity under the slogan "Migrations" will be held in the silos of former Zitomlin in lower Dorcol. It will host well-known names in architecture, design, urban development and planning, as well as the experts in new technologies.

Mikser Festival 2017 focuses on building new relations among urban environment, society, art, nature and technology. Therefore, there are four main themes of the festival: Migrations, Education in movement, Technology and art and New factories of culture. There will be nine programme units including exhibitions, conversations, documentaries, design and educational zone, bazaar, theater plays, workshops for children and music programme.

Entrance is free on the first day of festival on May 25th, for all programmes, including music programme. For the remaining three days of festival, the price of tickets ranges from 250 to 800 dinars.