Summer come back come on stay

The longest season, and it passes the fastest. Here is what the remaining days of summer in good old Belgrade bring

Friday 15th of September 2023

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Officially, the summer season lasts until 23rd September 2023. At exactly 08:53, autumn begins. It is over soon. The majority thinks. What a summer, a terrible summer is heard among lovers of hot sun rays. The option of wearing flip-flops and short dresses, Bermuda shorts and slippers is available for a short time. The simplicity of living according to the summer rules will soon disappear from everyday life. The strict autumn full of "I have to", "I am in a hurry" and "I can't be late" rules is literally around the corner.

During hot days in the city, a little sea in sight would be nice. However, Belgrade is really big and it is impossible to move anywhere. Idyllic, perfect, according to your wishes. This is how almost every moment of every day takes place in the zone called restaurants on the river that Belgrade offers. To take advantage of the beautiful days, look for a free place as soon as possible. The Sava and the Danube cannot replace the sea, however, they have the power to make you forget about distant destinations and indulge in great hedonism in your own city.

Bohemian nights in Skadarlija have something magical. View from the garden to the starry sky, dinner with wine - a postcard that cannot be made anywhere else. Don't waste precious time rearranging your closet and putting away your summer wardrobe. Put on a jacket or, even better, a sincere hug over your favorite summer outfit. Create a film frame like this and you won't even think about whether it is summer or winter, for sure.

Watermelons are still sweet. Grapes too. While eating frozen raspberries in thoughts, now peppers are being roasted, ajvar is being made and the last preparations for the winter are being made. Hurry up with cooking and preparing (when everything will disappear from the pantry at the speed of light) and head to town.

An outdoor cinema and indoor film screenings are ideal for relaxation. Documents of our rhythm, more precisely Dok'n'ritam, a music documentary film festival is held from 20th to 23rd September in the "Studentski grad" Cultural Center. The eighth edition of the festival carries the slogan "Super 8 for eternity" and promises an excellent music-film adventure through the competition, support and concert program.

Laughter is never enough! CirkoBalkan, a festival of contemporary circus, is a special event that will send summer off and enter autumn with a smile. In cooperation with the Bitef festival, Silos Belgrade invite absolutely everyone to come to the regional traveling festival of the traveling circus from 21st September to 7th October. The eleventh edition in the circus tent brings performers from Italy, Spain, France, Syria, Mexico, Hungary, Slovenia and of course, Serbia. With their skills and talent, they will make everybody laugh, but also respond to current global challenges. A flying trapeze will be placed right next to the tent. The main program will be spiced up by the following. This event really should not be missed. This is a manifestation that should be on the city's agenda every day because good vibes are needed more than ever.

The end of summer does not mean the end of sporting events. Current sports events take place in literally every part of the city. Professional competitions, amateur shows, children's sports events. Each one is in the events calendar, and it is up to you to sign up for your sport and test how much you have been slacking off during the summer or how much you have been keeping fit.

The end of summer equals the end of an era. Like a kind of New Year. A moment for questioning and re-examination. The things in yourself and around you. Without burdensome accounting and high expectations for the new calendar year, approach yourself brutally honestly. No one will do it for you. As difficult as it may seem, it is far more difficult to postpone (un)desired changes. Promise yourself that the next summer will be a new chapter in your life and immediately start realizing your goals. With a smile, in Belgrade, that is the only way to get to the top.