Festival Dev9t (Nine) in Belgrade 2017

Third in a row festival that gives the artists complete freedom in creative work

Tuesday 6th of June 2017

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Festival Dev9t (Nine) takes place from 9th to 17th June and the theme is "Light and shadows". Stara Ciglana - Klub ljubitelja teske industrije is the venue of this third in a row cultural event in Belgrade. Creative designers in all fields who are fond of art will show the art made in the moment on the spot, as well as various exhibitions, performances and workshops. Concerts and parties are inevitable part and form of making the art that this manifestation cherishes carefully.

Stara Ciglana will be the host of lovers of cultural events in Belgrade during nine days in June. The organizers announce even richer content of this unique festival. There will be graffiti exhibitions, yoga workshop, workshop for designing rhythm, lessons dedicated to drawing and sketching models, creative writing workshop, casting workshops for children and adults, making of crocheted gloves, ceramics workshop, children interactive workshop for making moving toys, graffiti through History of Art, screen printing workshop, tricycles race, drama workshop "Igranje" (Playing), pole dance workshop for beginners and a lot of other things. Yoga for future moms, "Nadji me u bojama" (Find me in colours) workshop for grown-ups who want to connect with the inner child - they express their feelings through speech, move, voice and colours, and "Osvetli svoje senke" (Enlighten your shadows) workshop are on the programme of the third in a row festival.

Manifestation Dev9t (Nine) fights for survival of culture because it is natural habitat of all beings. Unless it is saved, people will turn into endangered species unaware of their existence. A concept like this gives the artists a place where they can have complete freedom to be what they are and to create what they want. The aim is that, in coming years, manifestation Dev9t from an art colony grows into a leading networking platform for linking up artists and organizers of various events, public and commercial sponsors.