Adidas Woman Training Day 2017

A free sports event for ladies

Thursday 7th of December 2017

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Adidas Woman Training Day is organized at the Belgrade City Museum on Saturday, 9th December. The second in a row event will last from 10:00 to 18:00, and the previous registration on the organizer's website is necessary for participation. Pack your favorite exercise equipment and enjoy.

The programme is divided into four categories: Yoga, Running, Fitness and Self Defence.

The yoga section consists of two parts. The first one is for beginners and presents "Iyanger" yoga. It is considered that it has the greatest therapeutic effect and is based on the correct performance of asana poses and the use of sports equipment. "Yoga advanced" is designed for experienced participants. This year's event brings training of various yoga programmes - "Ashtanga" and "Vinyasa". Both require more advanced exercises and abound with breathing, stretching and classical exercises.

"Running" programme is run by #adidasRunnersBelgrade trainers who will demonstrate running techniques and reveal little secrets to achieve the best results. Within this programme, the race "City Run 5k Easy & Strong" is organized which starts in front of the Belgrade City Museum and finishes in the Manjez Park. There will be races divided into two categories - beginners and active ladies. After the race, sports activities continue in the park. Participants will be divided into teams and will have to respond to sports challenges and best ones will be rewarded.

The fitness category includes even four disciplines: Silent Disco Urban Combat, Silent Disco Circular Workout, Stronger Together and Jumpercise. The first two are training with headphones on the ears and are adapted to all those who want to work out. The third discipline emphasizes the team spirit, and exercising in pairs is a real challenge, no matter how well you know your partner. Jumpercise is a very popular form of training in the world. Skipping the rope with short pauses between the series is a great cardio programme that quickly eliminates excess fat.

The Self Defence programme is dedicated to relieving stress. Instructors will present breathing techniques that have been proven to have a positive effect on elimination of the effects of stressful emotions. Participants will also be able to learn basic self-defence moves.