Luxurious apartments in Belgrade

Specially designed comfort of the highest level in every part of the city

Thursday 22nd of March 2018

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Apartment accommodation is especially attractive when it comes to city break trips. A short stay in Belgrade is just an overture for the next, longer visit since the capital of Serbia cannot be visited in a long weekend. Whenever you want every moment to be special, book a luxury apartment and feel the magic of superior hedonism.

1. Lazar Lux

Breathtaking design. Modern technology, spacious rooms and everything that is described as nice is located at this address. You and only you are at the center of attention. Although you are not in the central city area, you have something to do near this magnificent building.

2. Central Park Residence

The town rhythm is a step away from the apartment. In addition to being up-to-date with all the events, enjoying the "four walls" is to the fullest. Perfectly created space with rich accompanying content provides much more than a normal stay. Extremely bright apartment with large rooms and very modern bathroom and kitchen. Simply, a must visit place.

3. Savamala Lux

Address for travellers-clubbers who insist on luxury. When you reserve a private seat in a well-known club, it is a good idea to enjoy during the day. In this apartment you will experience sophisticated and very nice moments. Especially while relaxing in the most modern tub. Savamala is a special part of the city. It is here where you live and have time in a spectacular way. See for yourself.

4. Belgrade River Front

The right apartment for those who love nature. From every perfectly decorated room there is a view of the river and the quay. Absolute distance from the noise, a few minutes' drive away from the center of Belgrade. The Danube right in front of you, the ideal company and the quality schedule of activities and entertainment are all you need.