Top 5 popular songs - April 2018

The most recent world production guarantees superb entertainment at any time

Monday 16th of April 2018

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Longer day, a smile on every face and finally getting rid of the winter things - the best moments with happy music. The most popular songs at this time bring positive energy and a great overture for the summer 2018. Volume up! In the spring of 2018, music for dance floor is beeing listened to since early morning.

1. Butch - Countach (Kölsch remix)

The jubilee 150th edition of the label "Cocoon Recordings" brings an energetic mix of house and techno rhythm. The catchy melody is a mixture of emotions and powerful sounds as only Butch can compose.

2. Marshmello & Anne-Marie - Friends

A combination like this wins the radio charts. As you go down Belgrade's streets, turn up the volume for one of the most popular hits this spring. A great combination of good production and interesting topic.

3. Troy Sivan - My My My!

Light, seductive and completely modern. A great introduction to a night out. The song is ideal for a long day at the office. Perfect support for the night in two.

4. Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa - One Kiss

Another very successful duo. Dua Lipa marked the summer 2017 with the song "New Rules" and appears to continue in the same rhythm. Calvin Harris is a reliable guarantee for a good vibe.

5. Sean Paul, David Guetta - Mad Love ft. Becky G

The hit season is unthinkable without these names. The more people criticize them that they are too commercial, they release songs with record-breaking millions of views. Mad Love is widely heard from the summer gardens. It just needs to be a bit warmer and the season of parties in the open starts. Without David Guetta, there is no fancy entertainment.