We present: Sean Paul

Hip hop, reggae, singing, production - this world star is good at absolutely everything

Wednesday 16th of May 2018

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The most successful people have many good reasons for pride, but only one musician has "turned" the whole planet into the Get Busy Mood. Much more than the song is the same name hit and we still turn the volume up when we hear it. It is not a small thing when Beyonce, Snoop Dogg, Rihanna, Sia, David Guetta and many others say yes to the invitation for cooperation.

Sean Paul is a name that associates to good music. A different voice, a rhythm that is remembered at the first listening and a special talent for production have won several prestigious "Grammy" awards, "MTV Music Awards" and numerous other awards several times. Just when you think that a great talent that attracts enormous attention and millions on the bank account has nothing to offer, a new release shows up marking a whole period of time.

Sean Paul Henriques was born on 9th January 1973 in Jamaica. He has been known in the music industry since 2000 but gained the status of a world star in 2002 with the release of the album "Dutty Rock", which released the famous songs "Get Busy" and "Gimmie the Light". He was completely ready already for the debut album because the music has attracted him even during college days. He wanted to work in hotel management, but in the nineties, the magic of the records did its own and took him to the DJ counter instead of the reception desk.

The first Jamaican who performed in Kazakhstan recorded visits to more than 100 countries around the world. He is especially dedicated to live performances as he then shows his knowledge without filters. The music he creates is a fusion of reggae, edm, dancehall, afrobeat, latino and pop genres. He is equally appreciated in America and Japan, and he definitely won over Europe in 2014 when he presented the duet with Enrique Iglesias. The famous "Bailando" won first place on charts in 33 countries. Regardless of the worldwide success, he really respects his colleagues from Jamaica and regularly cooperates with them.