Ada Ciganlija - the opening of the season 2018

Swimming season at the Belgrade sea starts

Saturday 16th of June 2018

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A tropical summer has been forecast - no problem for Belgraders and guests of the city. The summer on Ada Ciganlija is about to begin. The preview of swimming season on Ada is scheduled for 16th June, but the opening ceremony and two days of big parties will mark the official start of the summer.

The biggest party in the city - the opening of the swimming season on Ada Ciganlija starts on 22nd June from 18:00 with a concert featuring Amadeus bend and Dzenan Loncarevic, and continues on Saturday, 23rd June with Ana Kokic and Lexington bend. For visitors, swimmers and recreation enthusiasts, the entry is free, and free parking is provided from 17:00 on the Makis side of the lake. NOTE: Concert planned for 22nd June is postopned to 24th June, due to rain.

More than six kilometers of arranged beaches and sports courts, tracks, restaurants and fully equipped and trained rescue service are a good reason to spend a part of the summer on Ada. This year, it is enriched with new contents, and that is why, for the seventh time in a row, a blue flag will be raised as the highest international award for comprehensive quality and safety at a place for swimming. Prepare your trendy swimming suits, roller blades, bicycles, sunbathing creams - the summer has begun!