What to do in the city at the last weekend in June

Sun or summer rain, it is time to go out

Thursday 28th of June 2018

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If you live in a Belgrade skyscraper and the lift is often broken, then you are surely well-trained and seen as a competitor of the 8th Race up the Avala Tower. Within the manifestation "Avalski Dani" (Avala Days), on 30th June, a race will be held on the stairs of the Avala Tower starting at 18:00. Running up the stairs is divided into several categories - men, women and veterans race. The organizers have prepared a concert and a guaranteed entertainment so you will not sweat for nothing. All those who feel healthy and capable of this kind of activity can apply for the race. We recommend cheering, song and dance to the others, and the refreshment will not be missed. 

For lovers of running, especially half marathons, also on 30th June, within the "Rakovicko leto" (Rakovica Summer) manifestation, the fourth race of Patriarch Pavle starts in front of the building of the municipality of Rakovica. The race is divided into two races - the Fun Run "Rakovica runs 5,3 km" and the half marathon "Patriarch Pavle 21,1 km race". The participation of about 800 long-distance runners is planned, and applications for the Fun Run starting at 18:15 are on the spot. Half marathon runners start at 18:30. For all runners, the starting package is provided, and the fastest get medals and prestigious thank you notes.

NOTE! This event is cancelled due to rain!

Welcome the real summer month with American R'n'B and soul diva Angie Stone. For the first time in Serbia within Musicology Barcaffè Sessions, Angie is performing on tennis courts on Kalemegdan on 1st July at 21:30. Well-known at the Grammy Awards ceremonies, the owner of four albums listed among the top 10 best R'n'B performances, Angie has over five million fans in the world who keep her albums as a relic. With a well-known pattern of family dealing with music and early acquaintance with the best of gospel and African-American musical tradition, she began a real professional career with the success of the album "Black Diamond" in 1999. She was building both music and her acting career on film and television, as well as on Broadway. However, for most of the world, Angie is an angelic voice that sings their favourite songs - Wish I Didn't Miss You, Brotha, No More Rain or Baby.

The fourth Beer Garden gets a new face. The summer garden is opened by Krusovice and SubBeer-ni centar called "Beer Garden by SubBeerni centar". From the cellar of Cetinjska 15 Street, we move straight to the beginning of the Makis side of Ada Ciganlija where in nature and shade, this year, people will dance to excellent music with a large selection of beers and food. The big opening is on 1st July when the Zoster band is performing, and in the upcoming days you can expect great tribute bands, authentic rock bands and great parties. Welcome!