August in Belgrade 2018

There is no usual heat on the city streets, but there is the best entertainment

Friday 3rd of August 2018

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The tourist season in the peak divides population into two categories - those who arrived from the holiday and those who are preparing for the trip. The story goes on with excited new destinations, new memories, new love and completely opposite experiences. All those who are packing suitcases, torn between the final discounts in shopping malls and last business obligations cannot wait for the start of a long-awaited rest. Here is what you will miss while enjoying some other place.

The first that comes on mind when it comes to August in Belgrade is Beer Fest. Usce Park will again be the most popular entertainment zone from the 15th to the 19th August with quality music and a lot of beer. For five days, the 16th Beer Fest organizes a total of 62 concerts in three stages. Star of this year's summer city manifestation No. 1 is pop singer and artist Roisin Murphy.

In addition to special performers from abroad, guest appearances were confirmed by the biggest rock musicians, but also the brightest young local stars. Good sound and rhythm are guaranteed. In addition to entertainment, Beer Fest 2018 is strongly committed to preserving the environment and responsible alcohol consumption. The whole organization is inviting everyone to get involved in social campaigns "I choose to recycle" and "Guys, who drives home?". Domestic and foreign beers are ready, music too. We only have to wait for 15th August.

The city is wide awake. Large city events last until the end of August and are completely free. You have no excuse to miss the cultural and entertainment programme for all generations. The calendar of events solves all dilemmas. Where to go and what to do in Belgrade has never been more fun, take our word for it.

You still have the desire to leave the city? Straight to Nis! The 35th International Jazz Festival - Nisvil 2018 will be held from 3rd to 13th August. Jazz music, film programme, workshops and much more will be there for visitors of one of the best festivals from all over the world. Do not forget to find the real burek (börek-savoury pie) and see for yourself magic from the casserole. When you are already here, take the time to get to know Serbia. The better you know Serbia, the more you love it.