Entertainment with 10 euros? It is possible!

You will not wait for the morning on the dance floor, but you will not stay at home either

Monday 24th of September 2018

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Being a regular guest in Belgrade clubs simply costs. Considering the entertainment offered throughout the year, the price is quite justified. Compared to other capitals, Belgrade at night is cheaper than Berlin or Paris. In reality, everybody experiences those days when finances do not follow wishes. Here is what to do in the city with a small budget for clubbing.

Ten euros is slightly less than 1,200 dinars. With this amount of money, it is not possible to organize a complete programme for a crazy night. So, make your warm up party at home. The other option is to start and finish your night out at a bar because prices are more affordable than in clubs. If this option is acceptable to you, choose one of the pre-party bars and you will have great time. In these places, 10 euros is enough to drink a few beers or two to three glasses of wine. Watch this situation on the bright side. By returning home earlier, you allow yourself to make the most of your next day.

When you do not want to give up the club atmosphere and you want to really go out, and the only thing that limits you is money, there are solutions for this "problem". Another advantage of clubs in Belgrade is that the entry is mostly free. Most places do not charge tickets at the entrance so you have one expense less. Leaving your coats is optional. You may find it less comfortable while dancing and holding a coat, but endure. Everything is better than missing the fun.

In the party calendar you can see the entire entertainment programme in Belgrade. The tavern calendar provides complete information on all happenings with local music. Take a thorough look at what is on offer and start planning the night adventure. Since you will pay neither the entry nor leaving a coat, the whole budget remains at your disposal. Depending on which club you choose, 1,200 dinars will be enough for about three beers or two glasses of wine and water. You should enjoy your drink more slowly and you can stay longer in the club. In general, prices in taverns are lower than in clubs. Maybe it is time for you to feel Saturday night fever with live music.

Focus on the atmosphere and music. Good entertainment does not mean spending a lot of money. Clubbing is there for fun, not for bragging about staying in expensive booths and drinking the most expensive drinks. So catch the rhythm of the city and dance while you have the energy.