People come to Belgrade because of them: boat-based clubs

As soon as warm weather enters the city, the temples of nightlife begin a new era of summer clubbing. Do not miss the summer season 2019

Saturday 25th of May 2019

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Boat-based clubs in Belgrade are unique. The reasons are numerous. Music, DJs, interior, attractive girls, atmosphere - everything is superb. Competition among boat-based clubs has resulted in even better entertainment. Which boat-based club is most popular is often a question. The answer is - the one where you have best fun.

It is not a secret that many people come to Belgrade just because of first class clubbing. The summer is like made for living life to the fullest, the winter for talking about. If you want your night out at boat-based clubs in Belgrade to be an experience you will talk about, you need to know basic information. Follow only 7 steps and top-notch entertainment is guaranteed.

1. The working hours of boat-based clubs are mostly from midnight to early morning. They work from May to October.

2. Boat-based clubs are located in locations that are easily reached by car or taxi. The largest number is anchored at Usce.

3. Boat-based club parties are regularly changed. Every evening, the other music is on the programme. Commercial house, modern r'n'b, nineties and techno are most often on the programme.

4. The entry is free with the exception of special evenings and visits by famous international DJs.

5. Reservations are optional but desirable. Almost every night there is a big crowd. In order not to change the plan for your night out at the last minute, book your favourite place at a boat-based in advance. Anyone who wants a central place will be required to spend a certain amount of money ranging from one boat-based club to another.

6. Prices of drinks at boat-based clubs are the same as in clubs. As everywhere in the world, any drink in a nightclub is more expensive than in a daily variant. Still, it is not too expensive. This is not true if Dom Pérignon is the only thing you are consuming.

7. Dress code for boat-based clubs is not strictly defined. Especially if you the fair sex. Men, however, will not be able to enter if they are wearing training clothes.