Ice cream. Full stop

Ice cream stick, ice cream cone, scoop, soft serve ice cream, ice cream cake. The best friend and favourite ally against the heat returned to the city. Ice cream, welcome!

Friday 14th of June 2019

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The summer 2019 is definitely in Belgrade. The sun is no longer sky's decoration, but it heats from morning to night. That is why the pastry shops and Belgrade became synonyms. Without ice cream, a day in the capital is unimaginable. There are fewer crowds on the streets, but not for vacation. They all move towards the best ice cream. And what is the best ice cream when you know that tastes are not discussed?

First and foremost - the best ice cream is the one you are just holding in your hand. Not the one you ate yesterday or the one you might eat tomorrow. The one that is cooling you now, refreshing and making you happy.

Ice cream, ice cream and much more ice cream is what is appreciated these days. A scoop of ice cream, or even better, a few scoops will cheer you up in this heat more than a cup of gossip coffee or a beer with friends. If you are looking for a recipe for a perfect day, stick to the rule - the more ice cream the better.

If you forgot to wish happy birthday to your dear person or celebrate anniversary, the ice cream cake settles all disagreements. It will fix and make up for any mistake.

It may not be attractive because it is available at every step, but the ice cream stick is faithful until the end of the summer. Just remember how many times a street ice cream seller has made your day with ice treat and you will immediately change your mind about this type of ice cream.

Retro treat - soft serve ice cream can be found more often on Belgrade streets. Evoking ancient sweet memories. A portion in the spirit of Italy. Of course, you should not miss the refreshment of your palate with simple but great tastes.

Ice cream for diabetics, sugar-free ice cream and ice cream without milk are very popular treats. Who prefers health to summer hedonism, these are options you have right to choose. Guilt-free.

Chocolate ice cream and vanilla ice cream have been present for decades. Unexcelled, eternal connection is forever. In case it gets bored, the golden hazelnut will refresh the classics. Trendsetters still prefer the most modern recipes in the ice cream empire. The endless list of flavours is a terrain for exploring that will make the curious palate experience spectacle.

Now, it is completely clear why it is impossible to pick just one of the best ice creams. After this short but sweet story, you can go quickly to the ice cream shop that enthralls all your senses.