Sushi vs kebab

Mini bites for maxi gastro pleasure

Friday 7th of June 2019

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Sushi Belgrade or good old barbecue in Belgrade? What is your recipe for happiness? Both specialties are popular. The only thing they have in common is their popularity. They originated in different continents. They are thousands of miles away. However, they are neighbours here. And they are on very good terms.

Sushi restaurants in Belgrade are an absolute attraction. Recipes, portions, ambiance. Everything is superb. In the original, Japanese style, nothing is left to chance. Precise perfection enthralls palate with every bite. Photogenic portions do not have only an instant effect on social networks. Fresh fish, rice, vegetables and aromatic sauce satisfy the appetite in a very healthy way.

According to the original recipe, sushi is eaten with chopsticks. Beginning steps and food consumption in an atypical way quickly become the past. It takes only a little bit of will. And a good teacher. The most popular Asian cuisine representative has another advantage. Sushi is easily transported and delivered to work place, to home or to socializing with friends. It does not require special servings. Find a favourite mix and indulge yourself with magic called sushi.

Totally opposed to modern sushi is traditional kebab (cevapi). For years, people have been discussing their impact on the weight. The percentage of fat is not really small if you eat a portion of kebab in the bun (cevapcici u lepinji). French fries as a side dish increase the number of calories as well as the smile. Sarajevski, pazarski, leskovacki (From Sarajevo, Pazar and Leskovac). Countless recipes have even more devotees. One thing is certain - the kebabs in Belgrade are unexcelled.

Kebabs are available in restaurants that have barbecue in the menu. Street food is their second home. Minced onion is the best friend. Some people prefer eating them on the street. Most know that restaurants are the ideal location for a portion of kebab.

Some say that the widely known edition of minced meat has no competition. At least not on the home court. Others disagree and believe that the epoch of kebab has come to an end, and that the new millennium is reserved for sushi. Do not waste time on debates, especially on an empty stomach. Taste both sushi and kebab, the best ones that Belgrade has to offer.