What can clubbers expect this month

Party all day long. Party all night long. Summer time that people have been waiting for is finally in town

Tuesday 2nd of July 2019

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It is known where top entertainment is in Belgrade during the summer. At every step! Literally. Bars, small and large clubs, world famous clubbing temples. Nobody rests. There are so many places to go out to, and only 31 days in the calendar. If you do not want to miss great parties, organize yourself on time. Put off your obligations, holidays and other things. It is time for a really good time.

From day to day, clubs in Belgrade organize various parties. Take a good look at the club list, choose the place that seems to be the most interesting and indulge yourself with the magical powers of fun. You will spend the summer in the best mood ever.

Techno does not rest for a second. People will dance until the morning with exceptional local DJs and amazing guests. A club that should not be missed during summer club season is Drugstore. During the whole month, there will be many things going on in the garden. The fans of techno music can look for typical summer entertainment at the 20/44 boat-based club. Wednesday, Thursday, weekend. There are no boundaries or restrictions here.

House music is always a good choice for weekend fun. It is followed by r'n'b. In case that these are your genres, boat-based clubs in Belgrade will become your second home. Each boat-based club included in its weekly programme popular melodies that make crowd on the dance floor. Make sure to arrange your night out in advance because boat-based clubs are crowded. Completely expected because at these locations there is entertainment that make people come to the capital of Serbia.

Belgrade at night in July lives in the old part of the city as well. Bars with gardens are popular now, like never before. Open air, hot rhythm and ice cold cocktails are all that you need for the summer 2019 in the city.