Chinese restaurant Flamingo is a perfect refreshment of Belgrade's gastro scene. Asia under the palate. Exotics in the air. Powerful city energy. There is a concept like this only at this address. Absolutely nowhere else in the world.

Favourite Chinese food in special edition is on Obilicev venac. Cooks, that will make you fall in love with China and all its aromas, prepare perfect food. From the boss to support staff, only the Chinese are in charge of culinary magic. Because of them, although portions of food are large, plates look completely clean after the meal.

The dominant pink colour attracts good vibes. No matter the weather, everyone feels perfect in a unique home of Chinese flavours. It's the little things in life that matter the most and, just like that, details adorn beautifully designed interior. Each in their place, and all together they lift the spirits immediately.

At first glance, it is clear that a lot of effort, knowledge and love has been put into Chinese restaurant Flamingo. Definitely, this is a place for people who have high standards and want first-class Chinese food. Absolutely, this is a restaurant for you.